frequently asked questions

Is my school currently enrolled in Box Tops for Education® program?

Over 90,000 K-8 schools are enrolled in the Box Tops program. To find out if your school participates, click the Join Box Tops link on the home page.
The Box Tops for Education program is available to any accredited public, private or parochial school, for grades K-8, in the United States that is organized and primarily operated for educational purposes; U.S. military schools, K-8, worldwide; and accredited home school associations, K-8, in the United Sates that are organized and operated primarily for educational purposes and have 15 or more students

What if my school does not participate in Box Tops for Education?

Over 90,000 K-8 schools are enrolled in Box Tops for Education. However, not every K-8 school participates. If your school is not currently involved in Box Tops and you would like it to be, contact your school principal or administrator and ask them to enroll by calling Box Tops for Education toll free at 1-888-799-2444 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST, five days a week.

How much money can my school earn with Box Tops for Education?

Your school can earn up to $20,000 from each of the four Box Tops for Education program components (Clip, Shop,Reading Room and My Class Essentials).

How can I earn cash for my school through the Box Tops program?

The Box Tops program has three main components through which you can earn cash for your school:
Box Tops Coupons - Clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products found in your local grocery store and send them to your school. Your school earns 10¢ for each Box Top redeemed. Learn more about Clip.
Box Tops Marketplace® - Shop online at your favorite stores like JCPenney and Lands' End through the Box Tops for Education Marketplace. Your school earns eBoxTops with each qualifying purchase at no additional cost to you. Learn more about the Box Tops Marketplace.
Box Tops Reading Room - Buy books through the Box Tops Reading Room and your school earns up to 6% of each qualifying purchase. Learn more about the Box Tops Reading Room.
My Class Essentials – Purchase items for your child’s classroom at the My Class Essentials registry. Learn more about My Class Essentials.
Bonus opportunities – Enter sweepstakes and participate in other promotions to earn cash for your school. Learn more about bonus opportunities.

What can my school do with the money it earns from Box Tops for Education?

Your school can use the money for anything it wants. Computers, books, playground equipment and classroom parties are just some of the ways schools have chosen to use the funds raised through Box Tops for Education.

How much money has Box Tops for Education given to schools?

Box Tops for Education has contributed over $375 million to participating schools since the launch of the program in 1996.

How does my school get paid for Box Tops earnings?

Schools are issued two checks per year,in December and April. The December check includes all Box Tops earnings accrued from March 1 to October 31 totaling $20.00 or more. (If the total is less than $20.00, this amount will be carried over and paid in the April check.) The April check includes Box Tops earnings accrued from November 1 through February 28.

Which products participate in the Box Tops for Education program?

Box Tops are found on hundreds of participating products throughout your grocery store. Although Box Tops coupons appear on most participating brands' sizes and flavors, there are some exceptions. For the most current information, see the complete list of Participating Products.

How much has my school earned through Box Tops?

On the Progress page you can see your school’s earnings for the current year, the previous year, and total earnings since enrollment. Keep in mind that the earnings for this year may not reflect recent donations based on submissions and reporting schedules.

Can I see my school's earnings compared to other schools?

Yes. To see how your school compares to schools in your area, your state and across the nation, visit the Progress section on

When will my school receive payment for its earnings?

Payments are made twice each school year, in December and April. Each payment will include amounts earned by schools from clipping Box Tops, shopping online through the Box Tops Marketplace, buying books through the Box Tops Reading Room, buying items from a My Class Essentials registry and through bonus programs. The December payment will reflect the amounts earned from March 1 through October 31, and the April payment will reflect the amounts earned from November 1 through February 28. Schools that accrue total earnings of less than $20.00 from March 1 through the following October 31 will not be issued a December payment. Instead, those earnings will carry over and a payment will be issued for the entire school year (March 1 through February 28th/29th) to those schools in the April payment. It takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks for checks to arrive.